• What is the capacity of the Reception Hall?
The Reception Hall holds up to 300 guests.

• What is the capacity of the Sunset Bluffs Home?
The home comfortably sleeps up to 18 guests with a maximum of 20 overnight guests.

• Can we use real candles?
All candles MUST BE smokeless and drip less. No exceptions. All smokeless candles must be contained, no tapers or freestanding candles. All local fire code laws must be adhered to. If CLIENTS fail to abide by this rule VENUE staff will communicate with CLIENTS for the removal of any potential hazards.

• Can we use real glassware?
Glassware is strictly prohibited outdoors at Sunset Bluffs. including drink ware and decor. Glassware may be used inside the Reception Hall ONLY. No exceptions. If CLIENTS fail to abide by this rule VENUE staff will communicate with CLIENTS for the removal of any potential hazards. It is the CLIENTS responsibility to notify all guests of the no glass rule.

• What types of decor are permitted at Sunset Bluffs?
All decor must be presented on a table, by easel, or free standing. Hanging decor, signs, or pictures on walls is strictly prohibited. 

• Can we swim in the lake?
Guests who are booked at the venue are allowed to swim in the lake during the day before sundown. Swimming is not allowed during events and is strictly prohibited at night. Sunset Bluffs is not open to the public.

• Can we walk on the bluffs?
NO. Access to the bluffs is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. The Sunset Bluffs estate follows these guidelines for the safety of its guests. The lake is 3-feet deep at the waters edge. Only the bride and groom are allowed on the bluffs for sunset photos accompanied by a Sunset Bluffs staff member.

• What types of tables do you provide?
Our round tables measure 60″ and seat up to 8 guests and our rectangle tables measure 30″ x 96″ and seat up to 8-10 guests.

• Can we have fireworks/sparklers?
Fireworks are strictly prohibited at Sunset Bluffs unless otherwise agreed upon with ownership. Sparklers are allowed to a maximum of 4-6 people holding sparklers. This is only allowed during the end of the event at reception exit/send-off. Sparkler count is not to exceed 4-6 sparklers. Any excess damage/clean up due to sparklers/flames are the responsibility of the client and their guests and will be taken out of the damage deposit..

• Is there a noise ordinance?
Yes. There is no playing of live music (i.e. DJs or bands) outside of the Reception Hall or outside the main house after 12:00 Midnight.

• Is there a refrigerator for guest use at Sunset Bluffs?
There are two guest refrigerators located in the Sunset Bluffs Home located on the first floor.

• What is the smoking policy?
The Sunset Bluffs Estate is a no smoking facility. There is no smoking in the interior of the premises. Smoking is permitted outdoors near the designated cigarette receptacles. 

• What are the measurements of the head tables?
Our standard head tables with white linens measure 30 inches wide x 96 inches long.
Our hand-crafted oak tables measure 42 inches wide x 96 inches long.
Each table holds 5 people max. The Reception Hall can accommodate a head table length of up to 4 tables max.

• What are the closest accommodations/hotels to Sunset Bluffs?
Brick Rose Bed & Donuts - (314) 602-2292 - approximately 10 mins
Best Western Plus Hotel - (636) 390-8877 - approximately 4 mins

*Sunset Bluffs is a privately owned facility, all tours and meetings are by appointment only. Please contact us to set up an appointment during our open hours. Additional hours are available as needed.

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